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Sept. 21st 2020 - Jan. 16th 2021

Four Residency Options Offered

The Alchemist Circle Vision

To enact a creative community united in the vision of reimagining and rebirthing dance as a ritual in service to community and to collective growth. To create an environment that provides the space to study dance and the creative process as an active gift to the earth and to humanity. A place that allows us to create and enact art and movement that inspires the kind of communities we dream of. For many, dance and art acts as a sanctuary to get away from the world around us, let us now bring that sanctuary forward into an active creative principle with the power to change and shape the world within us and around us. Dance has always been moving geometry that has the ability to heal and to create, let us strengthen our relationship to dance as creative manifestation. Let us bring our voices forward from our depths and call forth the community in this world that will support every being on earth to live in sacred harmony, and to bring forth our gifts for the collective. Engaged in learning from ourselves and each other, we aim to allow a powerful, organic, healing process to emerge that will be in service to the greater whole. 

Orchestrator's Thoughts 

As an artist, leader, creator and human it has always been my vision and my intention to create environments and programs that encourage people to become who they are in their truest, most authentic and most intrinsically beautiful form.  To cultivate independent thinking, collaboration, personal growth, fluency of expression, compassion and equality in and with each human being, and then to see this work reverberate into our comminutes and all areas of our lives. It is my belief that as artists, we immerse ourselves in this process so that we can share our gifts and use our cultivated voices to create and inspire positive growth in each other and our world.  I  strongly believe that it is our job as artists to reflect the conditions and times we are living in and to enact and inspire change within ourselves and others through this work. This to me is what being an artist is all about. There has never been a more important and crucial time to rise to this challenge, to honour what it means to choose the path of an artist. To be in service and to lead the way towards a just and beautiful world for all.


Modas Dance has always been deeply steeped in the process of developing the artist in this way. This means uncovering what we already know, our inherent gifts, and creating environments where those can be cultivated, expanded upon, celebrated and shared for a higher good. We believe this facilitates well rounded altruistic people that can achieve whatever they wish and contribute to society in a way that fosters compassion. This collaboration with The Alchemist Circle brings in an evolution of the Modas vision and values to form a new creation. 

This offering will not be called a training program and it will not be run like any other program out there. This is a collective experience designed to guide, mentor and create together,  a new structure, a new type of community. I am no longer using the word training as I feel it implies a lack of collaboration and an almost disregard for the innate knowledge and wisdom each person already holds. These innate gifts and knowledge are far more powerful and effective in the pursuit of fluency, education, success and service than any training someone can give you. No one can teach you how to dance. This is a myth created and perpetuated to fit the capitalist model of valuing profit over service and indoctrinates us to societal standards rather than seeking and discerning our own truths and believing in our own gifts, knowledge and power. Artists are the light of the future and will lead the change we seek in our world. This is an offering to support and cultivate the artist. To allow and encourage every person to become exactly who they are. 

--Layla Amis--

A reimagined model for a new world

Sept. 22nd   – Oct. 23rd           4-week residency                $1300 suggested investment


Oct. 27th – Nov. 24th                4-week residency               $1300 suggested investment


Nov. 30th – Dec. 20th               3-week residency                $1000 suggested investment


Dec. 27th – Jan. 16th 2021       3-week residency                $1000 suggested investment


6 weeks (two three-week residencies)                                  $1800 suggested investment


7 weeks (one four week and one three residencies)            $2100 suggested investment


8 weeks (any two four-week residencies)                              $2300 suggested investment

11 weeks (two four week and a three week)                         $3100 suggested investment

14 weeks (all)                                                                           $3600 suggested investment


What does suggested investment mean and how was this calculated?


The arts have suffered tremendously from participating in capitalist models and it is my belief that artists of all kinds are needed to create the new structures and systems we need to live in true equal civilization. So with this goal in mind, we are starting in our own backyard by practising radical service, integrity and vision. We are creating a new framework that allows all humans access and an invitation to participate in realizing their full potential and cultivating their gifts. This framework is truly a collaborative collective where all voices participate in the process and are responsible and accountable. We are trusting that participants in this collective come to it with this understanding and will invest according to their perceived value of this work and what they can reasonably afford. We came to the suggested amounts based on the resources we would like to provide to facilitate this work, to ensure that each individual can have access to the resources they need to pursue their chosen life path, and to create real change and positive growth in ourselves and in our communities.


This is a very new and radical idea in the field of dance education and art-making. The more money invested in the program means the higher the quality and quantity of those resources available to us. Each of us contributes to and is invested in the program in this way rather than a pay to play format or money coming in to support indirect aspects of an organization. For example, a lot of training programs and summer programs are created and run to support the expenses of a professional company, or to support overall operational expenses of a multi-faceted organization or to line a very small number of people’s pockets. In essence, to support profit over service. This is not the structure of Modas and The Alchemist Circle. We are placing our trust and belief in the people, extending a layer of trust that those interested in this process will contribute thoughtfully and honestly what they can, and will understand the value of what we have to offer each other and our world in this new way of approaching our work and the pursuit of our dreams and our gifts.


Size and Schedule

We expect the program to be intimate,  between 8-15 artists per residency spanning the range from students to professionals. The basic schedule will be Tues-Fri. 9am-3pm. Scheduling is somewhat fluid depending on the needs of the collective. 

This size of the programs helps us ensure the safety measures that are required now and in the future regarding the coronavirus. New Mexico has been and will continue to be one of the most stringent and cautious states in this regard. New Mexico is a safe haven place to be during these times.

Core Mentors/Guides/Artists/Teachers

Layla Amis

Ekalos Reed

Jocelyne Danchick

Vladimir Conde Reche

*guests artists will vary as the members of each residency will have a voice in determining guest artists


A central part of this program is about developing movement language that is universal, versatile and authentic for each artist. We will draw from many established techniques including Ballet, Modern, Feldenkrais®, Improvisation etc... but we will approach all of these with an open mindset and a desire to question and reimagine their uses and how we can evolve the classic languages to reflect the world we are in and the world we wish to create. New languages will be developed as a collective.


Performance Projects

Each session will work on collaborative performance projects which will be determined as a collective and will be unique to each session and each group. This could include site-specific work, traditional performances in a theatre and anything we imagine together. Each project selected will serve both as a learning tool and resource for the personal goals of the group and as a service to the community. There will also be opportunities to work with local arts companies and organizations on various projects and collaborations.



We are interested in dancers of all backgrounds. Please send a 3-5 min video of any work that you feel represents your truest voice at this time. If can be you improvising in the studio in any style or form. Please include a letter stating why this program interests you, what you hope to offer and any other thoughts you wish to share. Multidisciplinary artists are encouraged. You do not have to be a classically trained dancer to apply.


If selected from this process we will schedule an interview and then we will make the final selection of artists.

Add-On Options


Modas Dance has partnered with Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) to offer high-quality academic options for Continuum students ages 15 and up. CNM is ranked in the top ten of community colleges in the nation. Courses are offered both online and in-person at the Montoya Campus in Albuquerque, NM. CNM credits are transferrable to all state universities in NM. CNM also has an excellent transfer rate nationally.  Modas Dance continuum students will work with our education liaison and CNM advisors to craft an academic schedule and plan based on their academic and career goals.


High School students over the age of 15 - CNM offers dual enrollment free of charge to complete their high school degree while earning credit towards an AA degree. Most students are able to earn their full AA degree within 2 years while completing their last two years of high school.


High School Graduates - CNM offers an affordable path to earning their AA degree while training in the Continuum Program


*participation in CNM programs is not required

Additional Dance Education:

For younger students wishing to supplement the program with additional and more traditional classes - these will be offered in the evenings through Magnify Dance Center. These classes include classical ballet, pointe, conditioning, contemporary, modern and cross-training.


Modas will assist students with recommendations for appropriate housing and with roommate selection. Host families may be available for younger students.

Contact and send application materials to


(505) 501-7116

8529 Indian School Rd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112 USA

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