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The Alchemist Circle


Sept. 24th 2020 - Jan. 16th 2021

Four Residency Options Offered

Phoenix Heart - An activation immersion for artists


This program/offering has all of the excellence, quality, rigour and vision that Modas Dance is known for. Modas has always been about becoming the artist you are, nurturing the individual, exploring modes of operation, empowering the student/artist, and a lot of love. This program/offering is a response to the world we are living in and moving into, an evolution, adjustment and expansion of the Modas vision to better facilitate and support the goals and interests of each individual artist/dancer/student. It will include the rigorous and challenging dance that Modas is known for, but with refocused, reimagined and expanded purpose, resource, inspiration, intention, and action.


This offering is about activating our gifts, our voice, our language, to serve the human condition, to connect to ourselves and each other, to heal and reweave our story, to balance and discover our own unique classical form, to alchemize our light being and our physical body into transformative language. It is the pursuit towards mastery of sacred duality, to unconditional love and vulnerability. It is where the artist…the creator, destroyer, lover, warrior, yin and yang, masculine and feminine within is remembered, and activated…and we become the heart of the phoenix, deprogramming through pathways guided by our interests thereby activating our gifts. Through this process together, we will dissolve the obstacles…because the interest, the love, the calling, becomes stronger than the fear, because we stand in our truth, together, opening the portal to the possibility we did not yet dream, and because we can feel and vision the calling as we commit to the journey. All of our truths are meant to inform and alchemize each other in pursuit of higher consciousness existence. The journey of following our intertest is the path to our calling, to the love we can’t believe is possible, and to our deep meaningful participation in the web of humanity and the evolution of the human incarnation. It is the beginning of investigating together, all the ways we can imagine and action a new world.


*also known as faculty

Layla Amis, Ekalos Reed, Elana Anderson, Jocelyne Danchick, and guests


Ballet – exploration of classical ballet technique, customs, and mechanics understood and reimagined

Modern -  exploration of classical modern dance techniques, customs, and mechanics understood and reimagined

Contemporary – what happens when we reimagine all form… and everything within and around us

Other forms of dance/artmaking from guest artists TBA

Investigating Dance – a conversation facilitated by Elana D. Anderson PhD – I really need to say no more on this…

Site-specific work – allowing our surroundings to inspire, ignite, expand, and refine our vocabulary, understanding and perspectives

Writing – studying, experiencing,  sharing, using words on paper

Speaking - studying, experiencing sharing, and using words out loud

Composition and Improvisation – ways to put all of the above together to form meaningful language, connection and a higher consciousness existence

Creating content for Dance Theater - Explore multimodal expressive forms through body-based narratives and social inquiry

Connecting, exploring, dialoguing, creating etc…The list of possibility is forever fluid and infinite



September 24th - October 24th


October 27th – November 22nd


November 30th – December 20th


December 27th- January 16th 

*this includes Modas 2020 winter workshop in Albuquerque Dec. 27-De. 30th


*You can do as many sessions as you like – they will each be unique, although the building of the web and overarching themes will be ongoing



Magnify Dance Center – Albuquerque NM

*The first residency has a virtual option – more will be announced as we go


Schedule (for now):

Tues. 9:30-12:00  exploring AUTONOMY, FELT-SENSE, IMAGINATION, LEARNING, GIFT and CHANGE through movement

Wed. 9:30-1:30 class/workshop alternating Layla/Jocelyn Danchick/guest

Thurs. 9:30-1:30 class/workshop Layla

Fri. 9:30-1:30 class/workshop Layla

Sat. 9-1 small breakout groups/project work/Improvisation/Composition/Repertoire

Sun. 9-1 small breakout groups/project work/ Improvisation/Composition/Repertoire

*Sat and Sun alternating Layla/Elana Anderson/Jocelyn Danchick/guest)

*always fluid and subject to adjustment based on need


Open Class:

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday technique classes will always happen from 9:30-11:00. This will be an offering open to anyone virtually or in person. Sign up and is first come first serve for those that are not in the full Phoenix program.  Anyone is welcome, but the material will be of an advanced level. Suggested minimum gift for single classes is $10.


Gift Economy:

We are investigating ways to move away from capitalist structures and instead embrace a gift economy.

We are offering this residency/program in the spirit of the GIFT.

You as the participant will contribute based on what you feel this gift, this experience of activation and connection at this level is worth, and what your financial situation permits.

We are still in a time where the importance of money is a reality in producing programming.

As a guideline, a similar 4-week residency/program of this type and echelon with full participation would be about $1200.

We do need some participants to contribute money AND there are many ways to contribute that are equally valuable and needed, so we invite you to be creative about the ways you feel you can contribute.



We will listen to and access all of the interests, needs and practicalities, get input from you, and then we will create programming and projects together in a way that makes sense for our lives and our goals as individuals and a collective. I want to make it as accessible as possible both virtually and in person so each person’s contribution and participation is tailored to them. Content and tasks will be all accessible via online platforms (vimeo, Mighty network, etc...)

How flexible is this, can I do some but not all?

Yes – individual schedules can be arranged as well as some drop-in – contact to discuss options.

Add-On Options


Modas Dance has partnered with Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) to offer high-quality academic options for Continuum students ages 15 and up. CNM is ranked in the top ten of community colleges in the nation. Courses are offered both online and in-person at the Montoya Campus in Albuquerque, NM. CNM credits are transferrable to all state universities in NM. CNM also has an excellent transfer rate nationally.  Modas Dance continuum students will work with our education liaison and CNM advisors to craft an academic schedule and plan based on their academic and career goals.


High School students over the age of 15 - CNM offers dual enrollment free of charge to complete their high school degree while earning credit towards an AA degree. Most students are able to earn their full AA degree within 2 years while completing their last two years of high school.


High School Graduates - CNM offers an affordable path to earning their AA degree while training in the Continuum Program


*participation in CNM programs is not required

Additional Dance Education:

For younger students wishing to supplement the program with additional and more traditional classes - these will be offered in the evenings through Magnify Dance Center. These classes include classical ballet, pointe, conditioning, contemporary, modern and cross-training.


Modas will assist students with recommendations for appropriate housing and with roommate selection. Host families may be available for younger students.

Contact and send application materials to


(505) 501-7116

8529 Indian School Rd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112 USA

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