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Modas - The Movement Summer 2022
Transcending Paradigms
Cultivating a New World of Artists, Visionaries and Humanitarians
San Jose, Costa Rica -  July 3rd-8th
Albuquerque, NM -  July 11th -July 31st

Modas Dance guides, mentors and supports artists from around the world in the empowered cultivation of voice and vision, fluency of movement language and an instilled commitment to the pursuit of personal mastery. 


Modas provides enriching process-based environments that encourage exploration, independent thinking, diversity and excellence. Modas collaborates with experienced master teachers and dance organizations from a variety of movement languages offering valuable access to education, resources, and networking for young artists.  

Modas Dance Intensives are designed to promote diversity in young artists and encourage them to explore and discover their modus operandi, or method of operating. Modas brings master teachers from across the country specializing in ballet, contemporary and commercial dance, offering a variety of mediums and resources for young artists to explore and cultivate. Students study a core curriculum of Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Improvisation, and Repertoire in addition to jJazz, Breakdance, Hip-Hop, Investogatng Dance, Flexibility Anatomy and Technique, Pointe and Variations and men's class. The


Modas Dance Intensives promotes independent thinking, self-discovery and individuality by providing a supportive and rigorous work environment while offering keen insight into what it takes to be a viable artist in service to the human condition. 

San Jose, Costa Rica July 3rd-9th          

  • All-Inclusive            $1500

  • Intensive Only        $600  (for International Students)      

        *All-inclusive Price includes tuition, hotel, transportation to and from classes and meals

             *audition is not required for Costa Rica but should be of the Intermediate/Adv level. 


Faculty & Choreographers - Joshua Manculich, Layla Amis, Elana Anderson and Kiki Lucas


Albuquerque, NM July 11th-31st

  • Three Week Session Repertory July 10th- July 30th                    $1800                 

  • Two Week Session Repertory July 17th- July 30th                       $1250          

           * ages 14 and up or by invitation for all repertory programs

Repertory Choreographers - Jennifer Archibald, Joshua Manculich & Kiki Lucas


Faculty: Layla Amis, Elana Anderson, Vladimir Conde Reche, Kelsey Paschich, Kiki Lucas, Joshua Manculich, Francois Achan, Ekalos Reed, and more

To Audition:

Modas is a rigorous and challenging program on all levels - physical, intellectual and spiritual, and we are most interested in catering to young artists that wish to be challenged holistically and participate in a collaborative and enriching experience.

  • $30 audition fee -  summer-program-audition

  • Please send a 4–6-minute video of anything you feel demonstrates your most authentic movement language. This can be you doing improvisation in your living room or a piece of your own choreography. We are not looking for you to show off your “technique “or tricks, but instead we want to see who you are and what you have to say with your movement.

  • One paragraph to one page of your thoughts on what it means to be an artist to you and why you are interested in attending Modas.


*Please send video and writing to


Scholarships are first come first serve and will be granted on need and merit – please contact to apply or inquire

Housing & Location

Costa Rica:

information coming soon...


Modas classes and performances will be held at NDI-The Hiland

Housing is provided at a discounted rate by Homewood Suites Uptown

For additional info contact


"Modas Dance has been influential in creating a dance community full of love, passion and engagement between the students and teachers. Modas has shaped me into the artist I am today and spending the last three summers with this amazing faculty has been the best decision I have made so far in my dance career."

Samantha Frost - Dance Major Florida State University

"Modas Dance has helped shape me into the versatile, confident dancer I am today. This program provides a safe space for one to be their most vulnerable in all styles of dance. There is no place else I would rather spend my summer."

Abbey Klinger - Dance Graduate Point Park University

"Modas Dance fosters each student to be the absolute best individual they can be. There is no pressure to look or move like anyone except for the dancer that the whole faculty knows you are capable of becoming."

Katie Coker - Dance Major University of Arizona

"I am incredibly thankful to MODAS and its faculty. Without the training and knowledge I´ve received from Modas over the last few years, especially in the summer programs, I would have never been able to make it to Hubbard Street Profesional Program at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.

Jose Antonio Ventura - Hubbard Street Professional Program

For more information or to audition contact: