What is Modas Dance?

Our method to dance education

Modas Dance promotes diversity in young artists and encourages them to explore and expand their modus operandi, or method of operating. Modas brings master teachers from around the world specializing in ballet, contemporary and commercial dance, offering a variety of mediums and resources for young artists to explore and utilize while nourishing and cultivating each student's unique voice.


In 2010 Layla Amis and Duncan Cooper joined forces to co-create and direct a summer program in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 2012 marked the first year of the newly evolved and reformatted vision of what is now known as Modas Dance Summer Intensive. The new name of the revamped summer program (Modas) comes from the word Modus Operandi; A manner of acting or doing; method, way. 

We invite participants to share their unique voices and challenge them to explore their full potential and expand their perspective amongst the diverse and synergistic approaches and methods that make-up our programs. Our interest goes beyond just training fluent and viable artists, we approach dance training as a tool that contributes to the development and success of the whole person. 


Development of the artist

Longevity and survival as a professional dance artist often comes down the versatility and adaptability a dancer demonstrates. 
We at Modas Dance are keenly aware of this ever-evolving dance world and have embarked on a journey to create a different kind of dance intensive experience. Modas Dance offers an intensive that is diverse in techniques, approaches and student body.

Modas Dance gives it's participants a broadened perspective on the different avenues they could pursue as artists while providing high-quality rigorous training in various disciplines and encouraging each individual to realize and pursue their full potential as artists and human beings. We cultivate and encourage independent thinking, problem-solving, compassion and tenacity.
We believe these are important life skills that can be applied to any path one may choose to pursue.

Our teaching staff holds the combined experience of having had major careers as professional dancers with some of worlds most renowned companies and/or are respected as being some of the top teachers in the field of dance. The sum of their experiences and knowledge are invaluable and unique to Modas Dance.

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